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Компания “SAT” реализует крупные партии зерновых, масличных и бобовых культур с элеваторов Сумской области, на условиях EXW, FCA, DAP, CPT, FOB


Александр Буянов
Глава Совета директоров
Анатолий Твердоус
Коммерческий директор
+38 067 541 54 55
Andriy Radchenko
Head of procurement department
+38 067 541 80 84
Ilya Ryabchenko
Procurement Manager
+38 067 546 11 05
Sergiy Bazurin
Procurement Manager
+38 067 578 55 35


Export assistant

Мы предлагаем Вам услуги персонального менеджера по комплексному сопровождению прямых экспортных контрактов в страны ЕС и Ближнего Востока.

  • Поиск лучшей цены
  • Работы с надежными и крупными международными компаниями
  • Ориентация на конечного потребителя
  • Оптимизация затрат на логистику
  • Обеспечение юридической безопасности сделки
  • Контроль своевременной оплаты по контракту
  • Обеспечение интересов поставщика товаров на каждом этапе сделки
Анатолий Твердоус
Коммерческий директор
+38 067 541 54 55
Grain Storage

Vitchizna LLC, which is a part of the united group of the companies, has its own silo with 68 kmt storage capacity.

The company offers handling, conditioning and grain storage on the two silo complexes in Pytomnik and Zavody which located in Sumy region. Modern drying and grain cleaning equipment, which produced in US and in Switzeland allows to dry from 2000 mt to 3000 mt of grain per day depend from the commodity and clean 3000 mt of grain per day.

The silo has its own railway line and own locomotive. Truck loading capacity – 2000 mt per day. Railcars loading capacity – 2300 mt per day.

The loading rail station – Vyrevka of South-West railway line (the code 327504).

Andrii Prudnyk
Silo manager
+38 067 542 40 52
Crop Farming

We are a shareholders of agricultural companies with a 5000 ha bank land and livestock farm.
We produce grains and oilseeds crops both for domestic and export markets.

Olexandr Tsupro
General Manager
+38 067 540 44 00
Agro machinery

We are ready to help you grow a record harvest. To do this, we have all the necessary agricultural machinery: tillage machines, tractors, self-propelled sprayers, combine harvesters and precision seeders by the well-known manufacturers John Deere, Case, Kinze, Kuhn, Pottinger, etc. Timely and qualitative performance of all agricultural operations. We offer you affordable prices and a flexible payment system.


Igor Kotliarevskiy
Deputy of director general
on agrotechnical questions
+38 067-542-16-41

Company SAT offers qualified ground sampling services with the most technically advanced automatic ground sampler Nietfeld N2006.


Company SAT offers aerial photography of agricultural lands with unmanned aerial vehicles (creation of an orthophoto, determination of the NDVI index).


Ruslan Klimenko
Head of the Laboratory
+38 067 543 35 98

We offer to participate in agricultural investment projects based on sharing agreement.
We support innovative agricultural programs designed by both recent graduates and sophisticated businessmen.

Alexander Buyanov
Chairman of Board of directors SAT LLC
Olexandr Tsupro
General Manager
+38 067 540 44 00

HanseAgri Ukraine

HANSE AGRI UKRAINE Limited Liability Company is a trading enterprise with foreign investments on the agricultural market of Ukraine. The Company is the entity of both domestic trade and foreign economic activities.


Sergiy Pogorelov
Chief of the department for the sale of
mineral fertilizers
+38 067 542 16 68
Sergej Dremluga
Procurement Manager
+38 067 543 36 22

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